A few words in English

Eurêka!, formerly known as SOS Devoirs, has been supporting Ontario French-language schools students for over 20 years. Moreover, all services offered by Eurêka! are completely free.

Homework help is still a big part of our services but we can also supports students who do not necessarily have homework but who would benefit from extra help with their mathematics or other subjects.

Our staff can also offer new challenges to students that have completed their homework and wish to go further or help them get ready for provincial tests.

What is Eurêka!?

Eurêka! is a French-language learning support program to help students in French-language schools from grades 1 to 12 with their schoolwork and their learning. This service is currently available to francophone students in Ontario.

Our team also offers support programs in French and mathematics, as well as a virtual summer camp. Support resources such as math capsules are also available online in the « Ressources d’appui » section.

How can students get help?

Students can contact our teaching team by:

Students can get support via videoconferencing. To obtain this service, please contact our teachers by phone or chat.

How is Eurêka! financed?

Our services are made possible thanks to the support of CFORP, selected French-language school boards and financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Who works at Eurêka! ?

Qualified and certified Ontario teachers who are specialists in their fields.

Eurêka! is not available to students in immersion and core French programs, private or non French-language school boards. Students from those schools are encouraged to use the TVO program called Mathify.

Note: The staff at Eurêka! can answer questions in English to parents who do not speak French but whose child is attending a French-language school.

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